Inside the 434th District Court with the Hon. Judge J. Christian Becerra

The 434th District Court is a Working Court; my Associate Judge Argie Brame, Coordinators Tonie Guevara and Lena Smith, Court Reporter Rhonda Colgin, and Bailiffs Gary Marin and Rafael Ramos work hand in hand with me to maximize the court's production through innovation and dedication to the people of Fort Bend County.

Born and raised in Fort Bend County, I am very passionate about my role as a Jurist and as a leader in the community. Not only was I raised as a child in the local community, but also raised as an attorney in the halls of the Fort Bend County Justice Center and the surrounding areas.

In 25 years of legal experience of practicing in over 20 different jurisdictions in our great State, I have been inspired by many great judges along the way, including the Honorable Judge Susan Lowery FBCC3, Honorable Judge Sandy Bielstein FBCC4, Honorable Judge Thomas Culver III 240th District Court and Honorable Judge Marc Carter 228th District Court (Founder of the Veterans’ Treatment Court Program in Harris County). Their cumulative influence has instilled in me the values to preside over my courtroom with compassion, empathy, and toughness.

In the courtroom, we have taken steps to address the backlog exasperating courthouses around the country.

These steps include increased criminal and civil dockets, docket control orders, weekly trial settings, digital resets, and virtual hearings. These initiatives have provided flexibility for attorneys and litigants alike.

In just two years on the bench, Judge Brame and I eliminated our backlog thereby reducing the average time to trial from over six years to just two years.

The 434th District Court has an open door policy and welcomes recommendations and criticisms and will continue to work with the District Attorney’s Office, the local Defense Bar, the Civil Bar, and You, the members of the Fort Bend County Bar Association to find ways to better serve justice in our courtroom.

The 434th District Court is also the home of the Felony Mental Health Court.

I have become especially passionate about addressing the mental health epidemic plaguing our Justice System. My mental health court team and I have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that individuals with mental health challenges receive the support, resources, individual treatment options, and rehabilitation programs they need to help become productive members of our society.

We welcome all members of the local bar to join us on our journey to end mental health recidivism and to work to erase the stigma associated with mental illness in our home community.

The rules of the court can be found at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to contact the court directly at 434DC@FORTBENDCOUNTYTX.GOV.

 We look forward to seeing you all in the 434th District Court.

Please arrive on time, courteous and Ready to Work.


Hon. Judge J. Christian Becerra

434th District Court

301 Jackson (mailing address)

1422 Eugene Heimann Circle (physical address)

Richmond, Texas 77469